Oval-8 Sizing Guide

The Oval-8 Sizing Guide will help you choose the size splint most likely to fit your finger. Even slight swelling or temperature changes can affect finger size. Choosing only one size splint does not guarantee that size will be 100% accurate. We recommend ordering a Graduated Set of 3 sizes for greater accuracy in purchasing the correct size.

The illustrations below show how to size the MIDDLE KNUCKLE (PIP joint) when wearing the Oval-8 on this joint for Swan Neck, Boutonniere or other conditions affecting the middle joint.

Oval-8 for mallet finger treatment


To use the Sizing Guide you will need a pair of scissors and a ruler with 1/16” increments or a metric ruler. Cut out the guide below along the dotted line and follow the instructions below. If using scissors is difficult, you may wish to have someone assist you with cutting out the Sizing Guide.

For the Oval-8 sizing guide you will need the guide, scissors and a ruler with both inches and metric measurements. 

 Oval-8 Sizing Guide

*Guide above is not actual size.  Please use guide on printable version for measuring.

Cut out the Oval-8 sizing guide along the dotted lines1. Cut out the Sizing Guide along the dotted line. Line up center of notch with the center of knuckle being measured
2. Line up the center of the notch with the center of the knuckle being measured.
Wrap the long tab around the finger and thru the notch until it overlaps the measure from line
3. Wrap the long tab around the finger and through the notch until it overlaps the "measure from" line.
Pull lightly on tab adn draw line where it overlaps the measurement line

4. Pull lightly on the tab so the paper lies evenly around the joint.  Draw a line on the tab where it overlaps the measurement line.

Pull firmly to mark second line

5. Pull the tab more firmly around the joint for a tight fit and mark a second line on the tab where it overlaps the measurement line.

Mark 2 lines to determine a range

6. It is recommended that you mark the tab in 2 places to establish a range of sizes to choose from when determining which Oval-8 sizes you may need.

guide with ruler

7. Using a ruler, measure from the printed line to your marks.  Measure these distances to the nearest 1/16" or millimeter.

Graduated set of Oval-8

8. Use these
to determine the
recommended range of Oval-8 sizes for your finger.

*Sizing guide is not a
guarantee of accurate sizing.  Temperature and time of day may affect size choice.



Caution:  Please note that Oval-8 finger splints are not recommended for children under age 4 as they may cause choking if swallowed.


3-Point Products Exchange Policy:
Oval-8 Finger Splints are not returnable. Individual splints may be exchanged for size correction only. Oval-8 Kits and Sizing Sets are not returnable.