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Testimonials for the Oval-8®

Oval-8 finger splints stabilize and align PIP and DIP joints.

I’m writing you to tell you what a fabulous product you have with the Oval 8 for Mallet Finger. I’ve been using the product for about a week and can’t tell you how great the fit and feel is. It is like I’m not wearing a splint at all. Washing my hands, showering, typing and even surfing are so easy and worry free. I’ve tried the foam/aluminum & stack splints are these cumbersome products don’t even compare. Those items created a horrible smell because you couldn’t get wet to clean and if so you had to worry about the tape coming loose or even worse have the splint slip off. The Oval 8 stays in place and is adjustable when needed. Thank you for the Oval 8 you made my day to day activities simple again.

Adam Z., California

Have an untreated mallet finger that turned into a swan neck deformity (think)...went to Hand Therapist, Debbie Ahearn, yesterday (1st time) and she introduced your oval splints to me:  THANK YOU!!!  First relief from throbbing (sometimes awful, always there) for first time in 16 years.

Aimee, Oregon

I have used these for several years and continue to issue them for a few simple reasons:  they are quick to fit, patients really like the immediate result and comfort and in a busy clinic, reissuing them is a cinch!  Highly recommend them for uncomplicated patients when prefab is the need of the day!

Deb H., MS, OTR/L, CHT - Vermont Sports Medicine Center                                                           

I personally use the Oval-8 splints when I have a patient who needs to test out a PIP or DIP support before deciding to purchase a Silver Ring Splint.  It is a nice way to find out if the support is right for them and they don't need to spend the money up front.  They usually love the way they can still make a full fist and function in the Oval-8 and some never even want to change over to the jewelry based splints.  I also love these splints for patients who are recovering from a PIP dislocation and need to be blocked into flexion to allow their volar plate to heal.  Thank you for making a great product!

Ildiko, OTR CHT - West Orange, NJ


"I tried everything else on an older lady who couldn't tolerate the metal rings or anything I made her. She has very thin skin from years of Prednisone use. She found the Oval-8 rings to be very comfortable and loves the way they control her fingers. For the amount of time I spent trying to fit her with other things I could have bought the whole Oval-8 Kit and still saved money."

K. C., Delaware

"We really love the ring splints. We are using them for collateral instability and for fractures. For patients with acute avulsion fractures we give them two, one that fits now and one that will fit when their swelling goes down. They are inexpensive enough that we can do that. Our patients are really happy with them."

Jody, Wisconsin

"The Oval-8 rings are great. We are even using them to hold finger positions during x-ray."


"I tell people - these [splints] are the difference between Neiman Marcus and K-Mart. They feel like Neiman Marcus but the prices are closer to K-Mart".

L. G., Baltimore, Maryland


"Recently I celebrated my 50th birthday and a friend told me to "get ready for aches and pains" because after 50 her body fell apart. As a hand therapist I have taught patients with arthritis to protect their joints when they were swollen and inflamed by wearing splints. It seemed like overnight after my birthday when the tips of my finger joints (DIP jts) started to swell and ache. I know several people with Heberden's nodes also affectionately referred to as "knobby fingers" by their owners. Well, I was in a panic I didn't want to be deformed with knobby bunions on my fingertips. I routinely apply figure 8 splints to fingertips with arthritis and tendon injuries. So I applied the figure 8 splints to my inflamed fingers. I wore the splints constantly for a week and then at night for another week. Now I wear them only when my joints ache. The swelling disappeared and has not returned. In the future I plan to educate patients to use the splints for prevention of deformity. Thank you Julie for providing this excellent splint for all of us."

P. B., MS, OTR/L, CHT           

"I love, love, love my Oval-8 splints. I have them for every finger, because typing without them is very painful. They can be used for so many things, too. I use mine to correct the hypermobility in my fingers caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. They are very supportive, but they can slip off your fingers easily if your hands get cold. I've lost a few that way. My Oval-8s were fairly inexpensive, compared to other finger splints, which can cost up to thousands of dollars for all the fingers on both hands. I really can't recommend them enough."      

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