TFCC (Triangular Fibro-Cartilage Complex)

A TFCC injury (triangular fibro-cartilage complex) or tear is sometimes called a wrist sprain that can cause pain under a wide variety of circumstances. To learn more about where this injury hurts and which motion make it noticeable, watch the video below. Examples of painful situations include turning the wrist, pushing a door open or pushing up from a chair.


How a 3-Point Splint Can Help

The 3pp Carpal Lift splint was specifically developed for TFCC injuries resulting in ulnar sided wrist pain. The 3pp Carpal Lift is recommended for daytime and nighttime wear

The 3pp Carpal Lift is lined in a non-slip, breathable foam that helps hold the splint in place and provides comfortable cushioning. For additional information follow the link below.

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