3pp® Ultra Spica


The flexible 3pp® Ultra Spica contours to the hand to control MP motion and support the CMC joint. This quick-fit thumb orthosis is ideal for the treatmeent of de Quervain's, thumb and wrist arthritis or Gamekeeper's Thumb.

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3pp Ultra Spica allows you to carry out daily activities comfortably and may be used at night to rest your wrist and thumb.
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  • Lightweight and flexible, this hand moldable orthosis is lined in soft felt for a fully cushioned and comfortable fit.
  • Contours to the hand and wrist as it is wrapped in place.
  • An excellent choice for day or nighttime wear to relieve symptoms of de Quervain's tenosynovitis, mild Gamekeeper's thumb and wrist and thumb sprains.
  • Positions the thumb and wrist in a neutral position to rest inflamed ligaments and tendons.
  • Flexible latex-free plastic and nylon foam lining. Hand washable.
  • Moderate Support

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