3pp® Carpal Lift

carpal lift Applying a dynamic lift to the ulnar carpal bones, the 3pp® Carpal Lift reduces the pain and popping sensation experienced from TFCC (triangular fibro-cartilage complex) injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain, Guyon's canal syndrome or arthritis.

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The pad cushions and supports the wrist Adjustable straps lift and correct the position of the small wrist bones 3pp Carpal Lift reduces the popping sensation experienced when pushing up to get out of a chair

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Product Features

  • Soft, foam-lined splint is slip resistant and breathable for all day comfort and control
  • Incorporates a pad under the ulnar carpus and adjustable straps adding a dynamic lift without pressure on the ulna
  • Hook receptive material allows the wearer to control the amount of compression
  • Machine washable and latex free
  • Moderate/Moderate+ Control

Please note: This splint is NOT for carpal tunnel syndrome

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