3pp® ThumSling® Long

3pp ThumSling Long provides light compression to support the thumb and wristThe 3pp® ThumSling® Long thumb brace provides light compression and support for both the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint and wrist to treat thumb arthritis, ligament sprains or tendinitis. Contoured strap supports the thumb and the wide wrist strap provides adjustable compression.

Healthcare Professionals:

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The 3pp ThumSling Long criss crosses the basal joint of the thumb Add a stay to the 3pp ThumSling Long for more support Adjustable strap attaches anywhere on the 3pp ThumSling Long

Product Features

  • Soft foam lining provides comfortable control and adjustable compression to stabilize and protect both the thumb and the wrist
  • Wide wrap-around strap reduces the grinding pain of CMC arthritis and provides adjustable wrist compression without restricting motion
  • Hook receptive material allows the closures to engage anywhere for a fully adjustable orthosis.
  • Great for a busy clinic to have available for a custom fit orthotic option
  • Includes a removable stay that can be added anywhere additional control is desired
  • Hand or machine washable; latex free

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