3pp® ThumSling® Long NP

3pp ThumSling Long NP provides moderate support to the CMC joint and wrist The 3pp® ThumSling® Long NP thumb brace offers the next level of thumb and wrist support for those who need more control to reduce pain. Wrap-around strap system makes this orthosis ideal to treat thumb arthritis, wrist arthritis or tendinitis. An excellent choice for post-operative or post-casting support following joint replacement or ligament reconstruction.

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Add a 3-inch stay for more support to the thumb or wrist The fully adjustable strap contours to the hand without adding bulk

Product Features

  • Resilient, breathable foam-lined material has light stretch that contours to the hand without being bulky or restrictive
  • The hook closures engage material anywhere on the splint for a fully customizable fit and adjustability
  • Combining wrist and thumb support, the contoured strap supports the CMC joint and provides moderate compressive support to the wrist
  • Flexible, removable stay allows the wearer to increase the level of support for additional control when needed
  • Hand or machine washable and latex-free
  • Moderate/Moderate+ Support

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