3pp® ThumSpica Plus

3pp ThumSpica PlusThe 3pp
® ThumSpica Plus offers the best combination of a custom molded orthosis and easy-to-fit, wrap-on support. Ideal for de Quervain's tenosynovitis, CMC joint arthritis, ligament injuries or post-op protection.

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It is recommended that this splint is fitted by a hand therapist or other medical professional. Find a hand therapist.


The ThumSpica Plus offers the best combination of a custom molded splint and convenient, comfortable supportive wrap 3pp ThumSpica Plus - Easy-to-mold 1/16" Aquaplast T insert fits into a foam-lined pocket to create a fully cushioned thumb support

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Product Features

  • The precut 1/16" Aquaplast T® thermoplastic insert can be molded in seconds to provide a fully custom fabricated orthosis
  • Soft, foam-lined pocket cushions the custom molded insert for comfortable thumb support
  • The one-size foam-lined orthosis material will not slip or roll and is low profile for maximum wearing comfort
  • Hand or machine washable and latex-free

Size Information

3pp ThumSpica Plus size information

Please note that this splint requires fitting by a hand therapist or other medical professional trained in using low temperature thermoplastics.

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