Adjusting Oval-8 Splints: A Video Guide for Health Care Providers

Posted by Nick Koscielniak on Thu, Feb 09,2017 @ 07:40 AM

With a total of 28 sizes, it's rare not to find the perfect fit for your patient's Oval-8 finger splints.While each of the 14 Oval-8 splints fits two sizes with a simple turn of the splint, occasionally they may need to be adjusted to fine tune the size or alter the angle or length. For those times when the length may not be just right or you want to hold the joint at a slight angle, custom fitting an Oval-8 takes only seconds.
Oval-8 splints are made from high temperature plastic and can be adjusted by health care professionals using a heat gun with a spot heater attachment.
heat gun
How To Adjust An Oval-8 Finger Splint video takes you step-by-step through making the three most common adjustments.

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