Frequently Asked Questions About 3pp PF Lift

3pp PF Lift
Where can I find help putting the PF Lift on?

Watch the 3pp PF Lift video

Can the material be washed?

Yes, by hand or machine (gentle cycle with hook engaged in a delicates bag).

Can the material be put in the clothes dryer?

No. The material will air dry overnight.

Why should I use the PF Lift instead of another type of splint?

The PF Lift is thin enough to wear in shoes and maintains stretch even with weight bearing.  It is made out of a breathable, slip resistant material to minimize sweating. The straps of the PF Lift apply adjustable force to lift and supinate the foot to relieve stress on the plantar fascia.

Does the product contain latex?

No, none of our products contain latex.

Anything else I should know?

It is recommended that you have one to wash and one to wear while the first one is drying.  To determine correct size, measure circumference 4” above the ankle.