Mueller Thumb Stabilizer

Mueller Thumb Stabilizer limits CMC and MCP joint motion to treat de Quervain's and Gamekeepers Thumb The Mueller Thumb Stabilizer orthosis provides firm support to limit carpometacarpal (CMC) and metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint motion while still allowing free interphalangeal (IP) motion. This one size fits most splint is easy-to-fit  to treat CMC arthritis, de Quervain’s, soft tissue or ligament injuries and for gamekeeper’s or skier’s thumb.

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Mueller Thumb Stabilizer palm view

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Product Features

  • Fully cushioned for comfortable for all day and/or all night wear
  • Two flexible stays provide maximum support to limit MP and CMC joint motion
  • Breathable fabric is protected with AEGIS Microbe Shield Controls to control odors, unsightly stains, and product deterioration
  • Cost and time effective, minimizes stocking and maximizes time with your patients
  • One size fits left or right hand and adjusts to fit a broad range of hand sizes
  • Firm Support

Size Information

Measure circumference at the wrist

  • One size fits 5.5" to 10.5" (13.9cm - 26.6cm)
  • Universal design fits right or left hand
  • Product Number: P2015-U

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