Frequently Asked Questions About How Oval-8 Splints are Packaged and Sold

How Oval-8 finger splints are sold and packaged This is the first time I have bought an Oval-8 splint. How are they sold?

For first time users, purchasing a Graduated Set with 3 sizes of Oval-8’s is recommended to have a range of sizes to choose from.

When determining which Graduated Set to order, consider these factors:

  • If your finger(s) tend to swell, order a set that includes larger sizes.

  • If you have swelling that is expected to go down or will be wearing the splints in water or cold weather, order a set that includes smaller sizes.

Oval-8 Sizing Guide

I was sized by my health care provider for an Oval-8 splint. Can I buy just one splint?

Yes, Oval-8 splints are sold individually by size. You may purchase the Oval-8 from one of our trusted online partners or from 3-Point Products directly.

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I am going to be wearing Oval-8 splints for a long time and want to have extras. Can I buy them in larger quantity packages?

Buying Oval-8 splints in Refill packages of 5 splints per size will save you money and give you the extra splints you need so you do not have to go without them if one gets lost.