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Designed for the busy hand or rehabilitation clinic, the Oval-8® Kit and Oval-8® Pediatric Kit offer the most time and cost effective way to stock and dispense Oval-8 Finger Splints. It takes seconds to size and fit an Oval-8 for fast, effective treatment of a range of finger conditions.
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Oval-8 Kit 

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The Oval-8 Kit keeps all 14 sizes organized and makes it easy to see what sizes you need to restock. At less than half the price of buying splints individually, the Kit is a must-have for any clinic.

  • Packaged with 44 splints, sizes 2 to 15 with the majority in the most commonly used sizes (see below for a listing of the splints)

    Sizes 2 & 15 1 splint
    Sizes 3, 4, 13 & 14 2 splints
    Sizes 11 & 12 3 splints
    Sizes 5 & 10 4 splints
    Sizes 6, 7, 8 & 9 5 splints

  • The 15x12 box keeps sizes organized to make it easy to transport to different locations
  • Refill the Kit with single or mixed size quantity packages so you always have the correct sizes in-stock to dispense in seconds

Oval-8 Pediatric Kit 

Oval-8 ped kit_2022
Ideal for the pediatric setting to treat hyper flexible little joints, help control finger motion for those with mild hypertonicity and to hold the thumb and fingers in functional position for improved pinch and grasp.

  • The Pediatric Kit includes 3 splints in each of the sizes 3 through 7 (15 splints total)
  • Convenient compartment box keeps the sizes organized and holds the product information instructions 
  • Refill the Kit with single or mixed size quantity packages

Caution: Oval-8 finger splints are not recommended for children under age 4 as they may cause choking if swallowed.

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Watch Oval-8 Videos Product Information Sheet 

Download the Oval-8 eBook for Health Care Professionals

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For details on how to size, fit and purchase Oval-8 Finger Splints, download the Oval-8 eBook for Health Care Professionals.

Download the Oval-8 eBook

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