Scar Rx Kit

Scar Rx kit helps relieve adhesions and reduce formation of hypertrophic scars Scar Rx is the complete kit for softer, less noticeable scars. This convenient single-user kit includes the products recommended for successful scar care treatment.

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Product Features

  • Relieves adhesions, reduces the formation of hypertrophic scars and improves the appearance of scars
  • Gently massage and moisturize scar with Sacred Earth lotion or oil using the SkinSational scar massager
  • Soften and smooth scars with Gel Mate silicone gel sheeting
  • Kit contains one SkinSational scar massager; one bottle (1 oz.) each of Sacred Earth lotion and oil; and one sheet of Gel Mate (2.5" x 5") medical grade silicone gel sheeting

Scar Rx: before and after treatment

Size Information

Instructions: Cut the Gel Mate® silicone gel sheet that is included in the kit to a size slightly larger than the scar. The sheet measures 2.5" x 5". Item Number: P9515.

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