3pp ThumSaver MP

ThumSaver MP protects the MP joints and stabilizes CMC motion without restricting wrist motionThe 3pp ThumSaver™ MP hand based orthosis protects the thumb metacarpophalangeal (MP) and stabilizes carpometacarpal (CMC) motion without restricting wrist motion. Ideal to protect thumbs with CMC arthritis or ligament injuries; also suitable for gamekeeper’s thumb and skier’s thumb.

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ThumSaver MP palm view - does not restrict wrist motion ThumSaver MP side view

Product Features

  • Stabilizes the MP and CMC joint to reduce CMC subluxation and realign the thumb during functional activities
  • Low-profile design leaves the palm free for function while reducing pain when pinching or gripping objects
  • Thin, seamless molded splint can be adjusted using a Digital Heat Gun
  • Includes cushioned felt pads to provide cushioning where needed
  • 100% Latex-free

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