3pp ThumSaver MP

ThumSaver MP protects the MP joints and stabilizes CMC motion without restricting wrist motionThe 3pp ThumSaver MP hand based orthosis protects the thumb metacarpophalangeal (MP) and stabilizes carpometacarpal (CMC) motion without restricting wrist motion. Ideal to protect thumbs with CMC arthritis or ligament injuries; also suitable for gamekeeper’s thumb and skier’s thumb.

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ThumSaver MP palm view - does not restrict wrist motion ThumSaver MP side view The ThumSaver MP is thin enough to fit under gloves, including baseball mits

Product Features

  • Stabilizes the MP and CMC joint to reduce CMC subluxation and realign the thumb during functional activities
  • Low-profile design leaves the palm free for function while reducing pain when pinching or gripping objects
  • Thin, seamless molded splint can be adjusted using a Precision Spot heat gun
  • Includes cushioned felt pads to provide cushioning where needed
  • Latex-free

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