3pp® ThumSpica

3pp ThumSpica for mild de Quervain's tenosynovitis, Gamekeeper's thumb or sprains The 3pp® ThumSpica™  is ideal for mild de Quervain's tenosynovitis, gamekeeper's thumb, sprains and post-op protection. One-size wrap-on support positions the thumb and wrist for rest and function. Gentle compression provides control while allowing full hand function.

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3pp ThumSpica - One size wrap-on design positions the thumb and wrist for rest or function The 3pp ThumSpica is ideal for mild deQuervain's, sprains and post-op protection

Product Features

  • Contoured strap encircles the thumb to position it away from the hand for rest or allows the thumb to be positioned under the fingers for function
  • Hook closures engage material anywhere and can be trimmed with scissors for optimal fit and adjustability
  • Flexible, breathable four-way stretch material allows for mobility while maintaining compressive support for protection and light control
  • Foam-lined material will not shift or roll and is thin enough to fit under gloves
  • Hand or machine washable and latex-free

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