Product Videos

Oval-8® Finger Splints 

Instructional how-to videos that show how to wear Oval-8® Finger Splints for a variety of finger conditions, as well as choosing the correct size and adjusting the splints.

Watch helpful Oval-8 videos

Finger Splints

Includes instructional how-to videos for Comforter Splint, 3pp® Buddy Loops® and the 3pp® Step Up and 3pp® Side Step splints.

Finger Splints Videos

Thumb Splints

Information on choosing the right thumb splint and how to wear the 3pp® ThumSling® and how to fit the 3pp® ThumSpica Plus.

Thumb Splints Videos

Wrist & Elbow Splints

Videos that show how to use the 3pp® Elbow Wrap and the 3pp® Carpal Lift™ NP.

Wrist & Elbow Splints Videos

Foot & Toe Splints

How to apply 3pp® Toe Loops® and the 3pp® PF Lift®.

Foot & Toe Splints Videos