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Located on Kent Island, on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, we have been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality orthoses for over 25 years.

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Our team takes pride in delivering high-quality splints and braces, along with exceptional service to our valued customers worldwide.

From our warehouses to our customer-oriented front offices, we go the extra mile to ensure that every product, shipment, and interaction surpasses expectations.

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Our Story: Revolutionizing Orthotics for 25 Years

For over two decades, Julie Belkin, an Occupational Therapist & Orthotist specializing in rheumatology & upper extremity orthotics, dedicated herself to helping patients in clinics. Her passion in the clinic, eventually led her to a new role with a rehabilitation products distributor, immersing herself in the product side of the industry. 

This experience sparked an idea in Julie's mind - why not create her own line of orthoses to address the specific needs she encountered in her clinical work? With unwavering stamina, determination, and a firm belief in finding better solutions, Julie founded 3-Point Products, and the journey began.

Fast forward to today, and 3-Point is celebrating its 25th year of designing and delivering orthotics that prioritize Comfort, Fit, and Function.  In 2014, recognizing the growing demand for direct-to-consumer purchasing,, an ecommerce site was introduced.  To date OMA has helped thousands of patients and consumers to access the same exceptional products previously only available through healthcare professionals.

Our History

25 Years & Counting...

  • 1997-2000

    3-Point was founded and run out of a basement and one car garage. In 1998 the first product catalog was produced with an offering of 8 products including the Polycentric and Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splints that originated in the clinic.

  • 2000-2003

    The Original Oval-8 Finger Splints were introduced along with the 3pp Buddy Loops. These and several other early products continue to meet the needs of clinicians treating hand patients today.

  • 2004-2008

    3-Point moved into new offices and 800 SF of warehouse space. The popular 3pp ThumSling line was introduced, as well as Gel Mate silicone gel. The product line was expanded to include foot & toe products. 3-Point started distribution in the United Kingdom.

  • 2008-2014

    3-Point moved across the highway into 7,000 sq feet of office and warehouse space. Oh My was introduced- the first ecommerce site for patient and consumer purchasing. Distribution was expanded in Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and Singapore.

  • 2015-Present

    3-Point partnered with key manufacturers in Europe to introduce signature styles and functional orthoses to the US market. We continue to innovate and expand our reach to support our customers, trusted manufacturers and team. 2015 and still going…

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Community Outreach

We have always believed in giving back even when there was little to give. As the company has grown, so has its commitment to help others. We are proud to support the causes that support food security, literacy and arthritis among others. 3-Point’s contributions to the Anne Arundel County Library, the Annapolis Literacy Center, Meals on Wheels, the Maryland Food Bank and the Arthritis Foundation are ongoing commitments.

3-Point is also pleased to be an ongoing contributor to the American Society of Hand Therapists, the American Hand Therapy Foundation, and specifically to the AHTF Evelyn Mackin Grant for Education.




Every splint we make and every product we provide…

must meet our promise of delivering Comfort, Fit and Function.



We test our materials and designs ourselves so we know what’s comfortable. If it’s not comfortable, we don’t make it.



Fabricating thousands of orthoses on different hands in many different conditions, provided the experience to make patterns and adjustable designs that fit.



Our products are designed to relieve discomfort and allow better function.

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