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Multi-Size Sets & Single Size Packages

Convenient & Cost-Effective

  Available in Classic Beige and NEW CLEAR

oval-8 finger splints in beige or clear


Consumers and Patients 



 Multi-Size Sets3pp-oval-8-multi-size---v2



Multi-Size Sets are a convenient option for healthcare providers, providing a range of sizes that can be immediately sized and issued to patients. 

When initially issuing or wearing Oval-8 splints, Multi-Size Sets present a cost-effective solution for accommodating potential changes in fit due to factors such as healing, temperature, or activity.

Choose from Multi Size Sets with 3 consecutive sizes or 5 consecutive sizes.
(Sets are not customizable.)

Healthcare Professionals can order directly from 3-Point Products or from your preferred provider.

Patients and consumers can purchase quickly and easily from our OMA website.


Sizes per Multi-Size Set

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Oval-8 Single Size Packages

oval-8 finger splints  single sizes



Oval-8 Single Size Splints are available in packages of 1 or 5 splints by size.

Quantity packages are designed to make it easy for both large and small clinics to restock an Oval-8 Kit or purchase the exact splints required for direct issuance to patients.

By keeping stock on hand, your clinic is equipped to effectively address a variety of finger conditions, while maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Available in Sizes 2 through 15 with 1 or 5 splints per bag.

Packs of 5 are the most cost-effective way to refill an Oval-8 Kit for a consistent supply of each size.

Packs of 1 are helpful for clinics to have available to dispense to patients and for wearers who want additional splints where and when they are needed.

oval-8 finger splints kits and sizing set

Oval-8 Kit & Sizing Set

Great options for clinics who want to keep a small supply in stock. Ideal for first time users to have a range of sizes to choose from.

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Clinic Connect offers healthcare professionals an easy way to learn about our products in our live demo program.

oval-8 ebook for health care professionals

Healthcare Professional Oval-8 Guide

The #1 RESOURCE for Healthcare Professionals to learn how to size, fit and adjust Oval-8 Finger Splints.


It's Easy to Adjust an Oval-8 for a Custom Fit Splint

how to adjust an oval-8 finger splint

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● Oval-8 Finger Splints are waterproof and are not made with natural rubber latex
● Not recommended for children under 4 years old. May cause choking if swallowed.
● Classic Beige Oval-8 Splints are made from 100% Polypropylene ( # 5 recycling designation)
● Oval-8 CLEAR Splints are made from Copolyester (# 7 recycling designation)
● Oval-8 CLEAR splints are patent pending
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