oval-8 finger splints


The NEW Oval-8 CLEAR splints, made with a transparent thermoplastic using the Original Oval-8 molds, will deliver the same support and ease of adjustability as the classic Beige splints.


The Oval-8 Finger Splint design adheres to the orthopedic principle of using 3 points of pressure to stabilize, align or support a joint. Oval-8 finger splints are used on the IP (small) joints of the fingers and thumb.

These simple but highly effective orthoses, manage Swan Neck Deformity, Boutonniere / Jammed Fingers, Hypermobility (EDS), Trigger Finger, Trigger Thumb, Lateral Deviation and more.

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A Simple Turn of the Splint

Whether you’re using classic Beige splints or the NEW Oval-8 CLEAR finger splints, Oval-8's can be used to manage multiple finger conditions. 

6 condition


Choosing the correct size Oval-8 for every finger and thumb


oval-8 kits for clinics

Oval-8 Kit

The Oval-8 Kit with 44 splints is ideal for busy clinics to find the best sizes(s) and dispense them to your patients. 

*Currently available with beige splints only  

oval-8 sizing set

Oval-8 Sizing Set

The Sizing Set with 1 of each of the 14 sizes, lets you find the best size(s) so you or your patient can purchase what they need.

*Available in Classic Beige and NEW Clear splints.

oval-8 guide

Oval-8 Guide

The NEW downloadable Oval-8 Guide provides instructions on sizing, fitting, and adjusting Oval-8 splints and more.

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It's Easy to Adjust an Oval-8 for a Custom Fit Splint

how to adjust an oval-8 finger splint

It takes only a few seconds to fit and adjust an Oval-8 

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