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Our new 3pp Clinic Connect program is designed for healthcare providers to learn about our products, qualify to receive clinic samples and provide your patients easy access to the products you recommend. Join us and enjoy the benefits of staying informed, updated and connected with 3-Point.clinic connect CTA- learn more


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April Product of the Month

CMCcare Thumb Brace

cmccare  thumb brace for thumb arthritis

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April Product of the Month

Product Demo Description: Come learn about one of our best selling thumb braces. The waterproof, conformable CMCcare Thumb Brace provides targeted CMC support with an adjustable embedded stay and replacement straps.

Product Demo Times: Product Demos are live and 20 minutes in length

Please note: Due to regulatory restrictions, we are unable to ship samples outside of the USA. We reserve the right to limit samples to one per person.

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Product Information


3pp Prima Thumb Brace

  • Optimal CMC and MCP support & function
  • Adjustable non-slip straps apply consistent support
  • Breathable, conforming stretch-memory material eliminates bulk

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product_fix thumb

Fix Comfort Thumb Brace

  • Firm CMC and MCP support in a thin, lightweight interior frame contours around the thumb and wrist 
  • Straps attach anywhere on the cushioned velour covering for a custom fit
  • Fits right or left hand in two fits-most sizes

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product_choice wrist

3pp Choice Wrist Brace

  • Easy-to-apply, one size fits most wrist support comes in left and right models
  • Ideal for CTS, ligament and impact injuries and for post-op or post-cast use
  • Dorsal stay adjusts to fit a wide range of sizes and the palmar stay provides firm wrist support

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CMCcare Thumb Brace

  • Targeted support provides CMC stability without impeding function
  • Replaceable strap is adjustable at both ends for proper fit and all-day comfort
  • Waterproof, durable and lightweight

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product_poly ud


Polycentric Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splint

  • Polycentric hinge blocks ulnar deviation without blocking full MP flexion and extension
  • Open palm design leaves the palm free for grasping and holding objects
  • Softly cushioned finger stays can be easily contoured for optimal alignment

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product_side step


3pp Side Step Splint

  • Cushioned slide adjusts to provide a stabilizing counterforce to reduce DIP and PIP lateral deviation
  • Case hardened steel wire will not bend or break from tension
  • Soft foam-lined straps and counterforce pads are latex-free

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3-Point Products offers many resources and ways to learn about our products. We are committed to providing you the details you need to choose the best options for your patients.

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Monthly & Quarterly Drawings

Join Clinic Connect and you will be entered into Monthly Drawings for coupons

to use when you purchase from 3-Point. Members who attend a live demo

will also be entered into our Quarterly Drawing for GREAT GIFTS!


In March, Clinic Connect members had the chance to win a $100 coupon

for use on any 3-Point Products order.
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Members of Clinic Connect who attended a product demo were entered into

our first quarter drawing for a chance to win the hand carved,

 hand painted "Giving Hand" sculpture.
quarterly drawing 1-1

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Congratulations to our March Monthly & Quarterly Winners 
Dana W. and Melissa P.

Stay tuned for our April drawing information coming soon.

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