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May Product of the Month

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3pp buddy loops for fingers      3pp final flexion finger wrap   Finger trapper with blue label

May Products: Sometimes the smallest orthoses have a large impact on treating finger injuries. 3pp Buddy Loops, 3pp Finger Trappers and 3pp Final Flexion Wraps are ideal to create custom orthoses, cushion fingers and to help regain end range IPJ flexion.

May Demo Description: This month's demo will include a review of custom fabricated orthoses that use 3pp Buddy Loops, Finger Trappers and Final Flexion Wraps for optimal treatment results. Learn about these helpful aids for treating finger conditions and receive a sample of each product for your clinic 

Demo Times: The May Demo is live and runs approximately 30 minutes in length.

Please note: Due to export restrictions, we are unable to ship samples outside of the US.

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* We welcome you to attend demos more than one time, but to assure the availability of samples, they are limited to one of each product per person. 
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New in 2022


CUSTOMIZED DEMOS FOR CLINICS & GROUP PRACTICES: Announcing our newest opportunity for clinic and group practices who wish to learn more about our products through our Clinic Connect Live Online Product Demonstrations.

The customized demonstrations allow you to choose the product(s) and invite your team to join us online at a time that's convenient for you. Learn about the unique features of our products and receive clinic samples to share with your patients.

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Product Information & Resources

3pp carpal lift wrist splint


3pp Carpal Lift

  • Now featuring stretch binding for improved fit and long-lasting wear
  • Unique strap design to lift the ulnar side of the hand to reduce wrist pain and instability
  • Easy-to-fit and wear

Learn More

fix comfort thumb brace

Fix Comfort Thumb Brace

  • Firm CMC and MCP support in a thin, lightweight interior frame contours around the thumb and wrist 
  • Straps attach anywhere on the cushioned velour covering for a custom fit
  • Fits right or left hand in two fits-most sizes

Learn More

fix comfort wrist brace

Fix Comfort Wrist Brace

  • Reduce symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ligament injuries or wrist instability and post-op or following cast removal
  • Breathable fabric  helps keep skin dry,  and it's easy to wear all day and/or night
  • Two sizes that fit both right and left hands

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1_3PP_Gel Mate_main


Gel Mate Silicone Gel Sheet

  • Medical grade silicone gel sheet for scar management
  • Helps flatten and soften raised scars

    Learn More



Final Flexion Wrap

  • Restores end range IP joint flexion
  • Makes regaining full finger flexion comfortable and quick

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wrist pop_product_sqaure


3pp Wrist POP Splint

  • Applies adjustable compression and pressure for stability
  • Treats TFCC injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain and DRUJ instability
Learn More

3-Point Products offers many resources and ways to learn about our products. We are committed to providing you the details you need to choose the best options for your patients.

Discover Our Resources:

3point products  product resource page

NEW - Product Resource Page

  • Product information, videos, comparison charts & more

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3pp product blog


  • 3-Point Products Healthcare Blog

Learn More

3pp oval-8 finger splints ebook


  • Download our eBook to learn how to size,
    fit and purchase Oval-8 Finger Splints

Learn More

3 point products videos



  • Watch our instructional videos to learn how to fit and adjust our products

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3 point products videos



  • View our downloadable catalog and one-page product sheets

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