oval-8 finger splints

Oval-8 Kit & Sizing Set

The most cost-effective solutions for finding the
correct size Oval-8 Finger Splint.

  Available in Classic Beige and NEW CLEAR

oval-8 finger splints in beige or clear


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Oval-8 KitOval-8 kit for health care professionals


The Oval-8 Kit offers an accurate, fast, and cost-effective solution for managing common finger conditions in patients.

Designed for clinics, this kit allows for quick sizing and issuance of Oval-8 splints to patients. With 44 splints, the majority of the splints in the most commonly used sizes, the box helps to keep the sizes organized. It can be refilled with beige and clear splints in Single Size packages with quantities of 1 or 5 splints.

Healthcare providers skilled in adjusting splints and braces can easily customize the fit in seconds using a heat gun, ensuring optimal comfort and compliance.

The Oval-8 Kit has 44 splints in different quantities

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Oval-8 Sizing Set
Oval-8 sizing set



The best way to find the correct size Oval-8 is with the splints themselves.

With one of each of the 14 sizes Oval-8 Finger Splints on an easy to open ring, the Sizing Set gives clinicians an accurate way to find the correct size for each patient in seconds. 

Available in Beige or CLEAR the Oval-8 Sizing Set lets you quickly find the correct size splints to order.

How to Use the Oval-8 Sizing Set

To use the Sizing Set, open the ring & try a few splints to find the best size range. Look for the size of each splint on the bottom of the middle band and the Plus+ sign on  top of the Oval that indicates a looser fit when slipped on the finger first.

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Single & Multi-Size Packs

Great options for clinics who want to keep a small supply in stock. Ideal for first time users to have a range of sizes to choose from.

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Clinic Connect offers healthcare professionals an easy way to learn about our products in our live demo program.

oval-8 ebook for health care professionals

Healthcare Professional Oval-8 Guide

The #1 RESOURCE for Healthcare Professionals to learn how to size, fit and adjust Oval-8 Finger Splints.


It's Easy to Adjust an Oval-8 for a Custom Fit Splint

how to adjust an oval-8 finger splint

Join us in our Clinic Connect program for a live demonstration 

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● Oval-8 Finger Splints are waterproof and are not made with natural rubber latex
● Not recommended for children under 4 years old. May cause choking if swallowed.
● Classic Beige Oval-8 Splints are made from 100% Polypropylene ( # 5 recycling designation)
● Oval-8 CLEAR Splints are made from Copolyester (# 7 recycling designation)
● Oval-8 CLEAR splints are patent pending
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