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Healthcare Professionals can purchase products directly from 3-Point Products and through our trusted distribution partners listed below.

Patients & U.S. Consumers can purchase our products online at ShopOMA.com 

For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare providers can purchase our products directly from 3-Point Products or through your preferred contract provider.

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Our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to assist you with product and purchasing information.

Email us at service@3pointproducts.com
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Call us at 1-888-378-7763 (M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm EST)

Authorized U.S. Distributors

Below is a list of 3-Point Products authorized U.S. distribution partners. Most of our partners carry a full range of our products. If your supplier doesn't offer the products you want, ask if they can place a special order. We will fulfill the special order and have it on it's way to you.

Please click on the name to be taken to their website.

oma-com-w_ol-dsAre you a consumer interested in purchasing our products online?

U.S. Consumers can purchase our products on the online retail store Oh My Arthritis (OMA). 

While many of our products are available and can be found through other shopping sites, we do recommend purchasing directly from OMA or one of our authorized partners to assure you are receiving an original and trusted 3pp product.

*Please note that products listed on this site may not all be available for consumer purchase.

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