About Us

Prior to starting 3-Point Products, company founder Julie Belkin, was a practicing occupational therapist and orthotist (brace maker) who worked with children and adults rehabilitating from injuries and chronic pain. In 1997, she founded 3-Point Products to design and manufacture comfortable, functional and affordable orthopedic splints and braces.


We believe your patients should have access to quality splints and braces that are functional, affordable and easy for you to size and fit.


We help healthcare professionals spend more time with their patients and less time fabricating orthoses by providing superior products that deliver Comfort, Fit and Function. Every splint we make and every product we provide must meet these standards.


Designing splints is as much an art, as it is a science. At 3-Point Products, both science and art are used in every design. The science includes 30+ years of clinical and manufacturing experience. The art comes from experience with materials and the desire to make high quality splints we would be proud to wear. As a result, we provide healthcare professionals with products that provide Comfort, Fit and Function to help deliver successful treatment outcomes for their patients.