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Clinic Connect Policies

The 3pp Clinic Connect program was created exclusively for health care professionals whose practices include treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions. We do invite anyone to view the information on the 3pp Clinic Connect page, however, the rewards and benefits programs are available only to practicing health care providers.


Clinic Connect Patient Coupon Policy

3-Point Products is dedicated to providing your patients the best buying experience on our Oh My Arthritis website. Unlike Amazon or other mass market websites, we provide excellent customer service to make certain your patients get what you recommend for them. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available to chat or take a call from your patients Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 EST.

Our OhMyArthritis personalized coupons can be used multiple times by the same patient and do not expire. Each time a patient uses the coupon, you will be awarded 1 Point towards a sample product or for savings when you purchase direct from 3-Point Products.

Demo Samples

We created our Clinic Connect Live Demo program for you to learn about our products from a “live” person and receive a sample to try on and keep in your clinic.

It’s easy to schedule a time on our Product of the Month calendar and to receive your sample after you have attended the demo session. Samples through our live demo program are limited to one person. Once you get your sample, our team is available to answer questions and all our product information can be found on

Joining the 3pp Clinic Connect program offers you a way to earn additional samples when your patients use your personalized coupons for their purchase on our consumer website.

For those with multiple clinics or locations, our customer service team can discuss options for additional samples based on your needs.

We want healthcare providers to have samples of our products to evaluate and share with your patients. As much as we would like to be able to sample all our products, with over 40 unique products, some are not available as free samples. Please note that product samples are limited to one per person. We reserve the right to limit samples when necessary. Due to regulatory restrictions, we are unable to ship samples outside of the USA. For those with multiple clinics or locations, our customer service team can discuss options for additional samples based on your needs.

Purchasing from your Contracted Suppliers

The majority of 3-Point’s products are available from our authorized suppliers, most of whom may have contracts with your organization. We support our suppliers and help them support you to learn about our products.


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