3pp® Toe Loops®

3pp Toe Loops - Cushioned relief for hammertoes, claw toes and overlapping toes.

Cushioned relief for HammertoesClaw Toes and Overlapping Toes.

3pp Toe Loops - The unique cushioning of our foam-lined material makes these straps ideal for correcting crooked or rotated toes.

The unique cushioning and grip of our foam-lined material makes the 3pp® Toe Loops® ideal for correcting crooked or rotated toes. Relieves pressure from calluses and abrasions.

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3pp Toe Loops Application step 1    Slip the toe loop over the toe you are trying to treat    Wrap the strap around the toe next to it and secure the velcro fastener

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  • Soft, fully cushioned 3pp Toe Loops secure two toes together to stabilize fractures, correct flexible hammertoes and realign overlapping or crooked toes.
  • Lined in thin, dense foam, Toe Loops protect callused toes and relieve pain caused by shoes rubbing on bent hammertoes.
  • 3pp Toe Loops have no hard edges or rough straps. Thin enough to wear in any shoe.
  • Washable and reusable. Latex free. Can be trimmed for a custom fit.
  • Light Control                                                            

Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes or poor circulation. It is recommended that you discuss this splint with your health care provider to determine if it is appropriate for your condition.

Sizing and Order Information

Sizing Information - two sizes:

  • Narrow Toe Loops measure 7/8" wide (2.2cm) and loop is 1 5/8" long (4.1cm) long and are recommended for the smaller toes.
  • Wide Toe Loops measure 1 1/4” wide (3.1cm) and loop is 2 1/8" long (5.4cm) and are recommended for use on the big toe.





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