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Using a 3pp Toe Loop to Treat a Jammed or Broken Toe

Using a 3pp Toe Loop to Treat a Jammed or Broken Toe

Buddy Taping a Hurt Toe

Buddy taping is an easy effective treatment for your patient’s stubbed, jammed, hyperextended, hyperflexed, hyperabducted, broken, or “turfed” toe? Proper buddy taping – taping the healthy toe next to the injured toe and taping the two together- helps prevent movement of the injured toe during the healing stage of rehabilitation.

Other Treatment Options

But, taping can be a “sticky” business. It requires supplies such as adhesive tape, gauze or cotton, scissors and bandages and the tape needs to be applied so it isn’t too loose or too tight for comfort and fit.  There is also the possibility that if the tape is removed by the patient and is not properly reapplied, the skin may become infected or macerated.

A hurt toe can be easily immobilized and protected without all of that messy, tacky tape. Simple, washable and reusable 3pp® Toe Loops secure two toes together to stabilize fractures and other injuries without any tape or latex. The breathable foam lining provides cushioning between the toes, reducing the possibility of irritation and maceration. 

  3pp toe loops






Application is easy and puts a lot less stress on an already painful toe. To apply the 3pp Toe Loop, slip the loop over the injured toe, wrap the “tail” around the adjacent toe, and secure the Velcro closure. Securing the Velcro closure makes achieving the right fit easy every time.

3pp toe loops

The thin design, without hard edges or rough straps, means a shoe can easily be slipped over the 3pp Toe Loop. And, because they are washable and reusable, your patient won’t need any tape or gauze.

3pp Toe Loops come in two sizes—wide for the hallux and narrow for the other toes. They are also effective for treating hammertoes, jammed or broken toes and to protect toes following surgery.

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