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3pp Prima Thumb Brace
3pp Prima Thumb Brace Relieves Pain from CMC & MCP Arthritis, Ligament Injuries and Overuse Injuries
3pp Prima Thumb Brace Features & Benefits
3pp Prima Thumb Brace - Secure Strap Around Thumb

3pp® Prima™ Thumb Brace

Introducing a new benchmark in the design of a soft CMC and MCP support that’s loaded with great features. The  3pp® Prima™ Thumb Brace offers optimal support with a fully adjustable, non-slip strapping system, memory-stretch material and a removable dorsal stay. We are sure this will be your new go-to thumb brace for your patients to relieve CMC and MCP discomfort and instability.

3 sizes fit a wide range of hand sizes as the straps fasten anywhere on the splint and can be wrapped in different ways to create a customized support and fit for each hand.


  • Ligament Injuries
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Thumb Arthritis
  • CMC Thumb Arthritis

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Product Features

  • Fully customizable fit and control for CMC and MCP Thumb Arthritis, Ligament Injuries or Overuse Injuries
  • Design incorporates a memory-stretch material for optimal support and a conforming fit around the thumb and palm so fingers are free for unimpeded function
  • Infinitely adjustable wrap-around straps attach anywhere on the loop material to meet the wearer’s preference and comfort
  • Contoured thumb strap features hook tabs to prevent the strap from slipping and there is an extra layer of cushioning over the web space
  • Foam lined fabric is breathable and water repellent and binding around the brace eliminates fraying for long lasting support
  • Easy-On Tab for one-handed application
  • Three (3) sizes -  small, medium and large fit a broad range of hand sizes. Choose right or left hand.

*No natural rubber latex was used in this product or packaging.  

3pp Prima Thumb Brace Sizing Information