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3-Point Products offers a selection of comfortable splints to effectively treat your patients elbow and wrist conditions for TFCC injury, ulnar Instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and medial or lateral epicondylitis

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Fix Comfort Wrist Brace
A tri-layer of pressure absorbent foam and soft velour material makes this brace easy to wear to reduce symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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3pp Choice Wrist Brace
Provides firm support with both palmar and dorsal stays to reduce symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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3pp Wrist POP Splint

Reduces painful symptoms of TFCC injuries, ulnar-sided wrist injuries or arthritis with adjustable compression and counter-pressure.

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3pp carpal lift wrist splint 3pp Carpal Lift
Reduces ulnar sided wrist pain and popping sensation caused by TFCC injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain or arthritis

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3pp Elbow POP Splint
Relieves pain from medial or lateral epicondylitis with adjustable point of pressure without circumferential force

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3pp Wrist Wrap NP 3pp Wrist Wrap NP
Heavier use splint is ideal to support sprains and ligament Injuries during heavy-duty activity

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WS6 Wrist Compression Sleeve WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve
Provides light support and pain relief for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist strain, tendinitis and de Quervain's

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3pp U Wrap 3pp U Wrap
This universal wrap works by supporting the muscles and tendons to relieve pain and apply flexible support

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Comforter_prod_palm-view_white_crop Comforter Splint
Softly padded splint provides the rest needed to reduce inflammation and morning stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis

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