3pp® Side Step Splint

3pp Side Step Splint corrects DIP and PIP joint deviation with adjustable static progressive tension


Correct distal (DIP) or proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint deviation with the 3pp® Side Step Splint. Adjustable tension splint applies a static progressive stretch to correct IP joint deviation caused by arthritic deformity or injury. Also used to treat osteoarthritis, Heberden's & Bouchard's nodes, collateral ligament injury and ligament injuries.

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3pp Side Step Splint - apply base strap to support splint 3pp Side Step Splint - slide 3pp Buddy Loop over the DIP joint 3pp Side Step Splint - wrap Buddy Loop around wire frame and secure

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Product Features

  • Cushioned slide adjusts to provide a stabilizing counterforce at the DIP or PIP joints
  • Aids in preventing the progression of Heberden's and Bouchard's nodes
  • Case hardened steel wire will not bend or break from tension
  • Apply static progressive force for short periods several times a day for successful correction
  • Soft foam-lined straps and counterforce pads are latex-free

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