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3pp Final Flexion Wrap
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3pp® Final Flexion Wrap™

The adjustable 3pp® Final Flexion Wrap™ makes it easy to restore end range interphalangeal (PIP and DIP) joint flexion. Non-slip foam lined wrap helps maintain a controlled stretch and conforms comfortably over the nail.  

The wrap around design applies a static-progressive stretch and lets the wearer apply a corrective force to tolerance for optimal results and compliance. The ability to adjust the wrap makes regaining full finger flexion comfortable and quick.


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Product Features

  • The fully adjustable hook receptive material allows the patient to adjust force to tolerance for fast, successful treatment
  • Soft, foam lining distributes pressure over the nail bed and holds the wrap in place for improved results and compliance
  • Ideal for use after dynamic splinting or following the use of the 3pp Step Down Splint
  • Washable and reusable. One size wrap is available in packages of 5 or 25

*No natural rubber latex was used in this product or packaging.  

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