3pp® Design Line Thumb Splint


The 3pp® Design Line Thumb Splint is designed to support the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint for relief of the grinding pain of basal joint arthritis. It's easy-to-apply and fully adjustable for a customized fit. Available in 4 styles, this moderate support splint provides the support needed with a boost of fashion.

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Product Features  

  • Contoured strap supports and carefully abducts the CMC joint to reduce pain from basal joint arthritis or ligament injury
  • Soft foam-lined stretch material contours to the hand with natural compression eliminating the need to overtighten the splint
  • Straps can be secured anywhere on the hook-engageable material to achieve a custom fit
  • Available in three sizes and four styles for an ideal range for fit; great alternative to bulky, black-on-black thumb braces
  • 100% breathable; 100% latex-free
  • Hand or machine washable; air dry only