A Comparison of Thumb Arthritis Splints

Posted by Lori Algar OTD, OTR/L, CHT on Fri, Jun 19,2020 @ 03:11 PM

Osteoarthritis (OA) at the base of the thumb is a common diagnosis among older individuals.  Research suggests that 26.2% of women and 13.4 % of men age 71-100 years old have symptoms of this diagnosis and that approximately 70% of community dwelling individuals with hand pain have OA at the base of the thumb as well.

Studies have consistently found that using an orthosis helps to decrease pain and improve function for individuals with arthritis at the base of the thumb. There is no consistent evidence to suggest that one orthosis is more effective than another, however, research does suggest that individuals prefer pre-fabricated designed orthoses.

The Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction splint is a familiar pre-fabricated option, but the 3pp Design Line Thumb Splint has potential worth discussing, too. Let’s give a closer look to both of these orthoses.

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Thumb Splints


Comparison: 3pp Design Line and Comfort Cool Thumb Splints


 3pp Design Line Thumb Splint

Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction


Soft foam lined stretch material that contours to the hand with natural compression

3pp design line thumb arthritis splint

Perforated neoprene with terry cloth liner


comfort cool1.jpg



Strap to close around hand, strap to provide support to base of the thumb, and strap to secure around thumb MP joint. All straps attach where the fit is comfortable as the orthosis is made of hook-engageable material for custom fit



Strap only to close around hand and to provide support to the base of the thumb. Both straps have to hook onto their specific attachment hook




Fit Place straps where comfortable for custom fit Follow attachment hook pattern when donning

Available in small, medium, and large



Available in x-small through x-large with plus sizes for small, medium, and large. Also available in toddler and youth sizes

Cleaning Machine and hand washable Machine wash and air dry

Lined edges for improved wear

Reinforced stitching but no lining on edges
Color 4 style options: Red Trim, Black Brushed, Zebra, Leopard

Available in Black or Beige


Purchase Easy for patients to purchase on ohmyarthritis.com Readily available when searched on the web


 3pp Design Line Thumb Splint

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