3pp® Elbow P.O.P. Splint

3pp Elbow P.O.P. NEW! The 3pp® Elbow P.O.P. (Point of Pressure) Splint applies an adjustable point of pressure to reduce pain from medial or lateral epicondylitis (golfer's or tennis elbow) without circumferential force.

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3pp Elbow P.O.P. splint 3pp Elbow POP applying pressure pad 3pp Elbow POP applying corrective strap 3pp Elbow POP with Design Line cover

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Product Features

  • Soft, foam-lined base sleeve will not slip or roll eliminating the need to over-tighten to prevent circumferential restriction
  • The 1/8" thick and 1/4" thick pressure pads allow the user to determine the amount of pressure needed for pain relief
  • Hook receptive corrective strap allows user to place pressure pads on horizontally or vertically for targeted support
  • Includes a Design Line cover to prevent hook straps from catching on clothing while adding personality
  • Machine washable, latex free

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