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Comparison of Braces for Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis

Comparison of Braces for Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis

Pain associated with lateral or medial epicondylitis (also known as tennis and golfer’s elbow respectively) is common and can interfere with functional use of the involved extremity. According to research study, an elbow brace or wrist orthosis can assist with decreasing pain and increasing function for this diagnosis. The following information provides a comparison of commonly used braces and splints to treat the symptoms associated with lateral or medial epicondylitis.

 3pp Elbow POP Splint

3pp elbow pop splint for tennis or golfers elbow

Purpose: Applies an adjustable point of pressure to relieve stress on the muscles and tendons
Design: Base sleeve is applied with light tension to avoid circumferential force; foam pad is applied to a 2nd strap to decrease tension on the tendons
Adjustability/Fit: The base sleeve is fully adjustable and force applied by the pad is adjusted to comfort
Material: Foam lined nylon and spandex fabric sleeve; non-latex foam pads with nylon hook closure
Size: Two size options- fit a forearm circumference from 8” to 13”
Washable: Yes
Purchase Info: 3-Point Products or its distributors and retail online store at ohmyarthritis.com


Bandit Elbow Band


Purpose: Employs two molded forms and a strap to apply compression to the wrist extensor or flexor bulk
Design: Contoured plastic components and a hook and loop strap apply compression over the muscles
Adjustability/Fit: Adjustable Velcro strap secures the cups in place on the forearm
Material: Molded plastic with neoprene lining; nylon hook and loop straps
Size: One size with minimum circumference of 8”
Washable: Yes
Purchase Info: Online on many websites or from your orthopedic care provider


Aircast Pneumatic Armband


Purpose: Vinyl air cell provides compression and cushioning over the tendons and muscles
Design: Velcro strap is used to hold the air cell in place to provide compression directly over the muscles and tendons
Adjustability/Fit: One size air cell with adjustable Velcro strap designed to conform to the arm
Material: Vinyl air cell with hook and loop strap
Size: One size fits most, fits circumference from 8” to 14”
Washable: Yes
Purchase Info: Online on many websites or your orthopedic care provider


Elbow Compression Sleeve

elbow compression-1

Purpose: Reduces pain with circumferential compression around the elbow and proximal forearm
Design: Employs circumferential pressure around the elbow to decrease edema, inflammation and pain
Adjustability/Fit: Size determines the amount of pressure; available in varying sizes
Material: Generally, cotton or polyester fabric with an elastic component knitted into fabric
Size: Sizing depends on design
Washable: Yes
Purchase Info: Many options available online and in stores


Wrist Extension Orthosis

wrist extension2

Purpose: Immobilizes the wrist to decrease stress on to the wrist extensors or flexors
Design: Maintains the wrist in a neutral to slightly extended position to relieve tension on extensor tendons
Adjustability/Fit: Most OTC wrist braces are adjusted with hook and loop straps
Material: Woven materials and hook and loop strap; may include aluminum or plastic stays
Size: Available in various size ranges
Washable: Yes, in most cases
Purchase Info: Available online or at pharmacies

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