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3pp Carpal Lift
3pp Carpal Lift
3pp Carpal Lift
3pp Carpal Lift

3pp® Carpal Lift™

Now featuring stretch binding for improved fit and effective long term ulnar wrist support.

The 3pp® Carpal Lift™ employs a unique strap design to lift the ulnar side of the hand to reduce pain and instability. The dynamic lift supplied by the straps and palmar pad can act to boost the mid-carpal and ulnar-carpal bones, support the ligaments and relieve ulnar wrist pain. Easy-to-fit and wear during activities, the 3pp Carpal Lift is recommended for Ulnar sided Wrist Pain related to Mid-carpal and Ulnar-carpal Instability, TFCC injuries and symptoms of Guyon’s Canal syndrome.


  • Wrist Instability
  • TFCC

Healthcare Professionals

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Product Features

  • The counterforce supplied by the palmar pad and dorsal straps is helpful to relieve ulnar sided wrist pain, midcarpal instability, TFCC injuries and to rest ligaments for healing
  • Easy-to-fit and wear, the Carpal Lifts’ dynamic strap and padding system lift and support the wrist without limiting wrist or forearm motion
  • Washable, breathable and foam-lined material adds effective cushioning
  • No natural rubber latex was used in the manufacture of this medical product
  • Two sizes fit a wide range of hand sizes and minor adjustments can be made to open the thumb hole to allow for a custom fit

*No natural rubber latex was used in this product or packaging.  

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