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Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain: Comparison of 4 Splints

Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain: Comparison of 4 Splints

With improved imaging techniques and diagnostics, ulnar sided wrist pain has become a better understood and diagnosed disorder. There are several products on the market to assist with decreasing symptoms from ulnar sided wrist pain. The following is information on four splints that are  clinically useful for individuals presenting with an ulnar sided wrist pain diagnosis. Due to the complexity of this diagnosis, trying more than one splint may be necessary to achieve optimal support and comfort. 

  3pp® Wrist POP (Point of Pressure) 3pp® Carpal Lift Wrist Widget Comfort Cool® Ulnar Booster
Purpose Addresses carpal alignment, DRUJ and ulnar tendon support with two adjustable points of pressure over the ulna and under the radius Dynamic lift to ulnar carpal bones (for TFCC, ulnar sided wrist pain, Guyon’s canal compression or arthritis) Holds the radius and ulna together for TFCC injuries Realigns and stabilizes carpal bones for ulnar wrist pain or mid-carpal instability (depress ulnar head and boost pisiform)
Comfort Non-slip base sleeve with choice of 1/8” or 1/ 4” thick pads for pressure application; fully adjustable fit and pressure application Soft, foam lined orthosis that is slip resistant and breathable; leaves fingers and wrist free  Made of firm non-elastic material with hook closures; adjustable fit and pressure application 1/16” thick neoprene material with terry liner. Straps and pad are adjustable; wrap section is minimally adjustable
Design Wrist based wrap provides point of pressure support without limiting motion; pressure points can be individually determined based on presentation Hand-based, minimally crosses the wrist, incorporates pad under the ulnar carpus, no pressure on ulna  Single two-part wrist based strap designed to hold the ulnar and radius together without pressure on the ulnar head  Includes hand and wrist with fingers and thumb free, foam padding to apply to pisiform for boost and strapping for pull to comfort (extra foam pad provided) 
Fit Fully adjustable base sleeve and corrective sleeve allow for application of pressure pads where needed; 1/8” and ¼” thick pads allow for variable corrective support.  Adjustable straps on dorsal hand that hook to material of orthosis; does not limit wrist motion Velcro closure holds the distal forearm securely without limiting wrist motion Strapping and pad apply pressure; can be trimmed for a customized fit  
Size Small/medium or Medium/large; Fits right or left hand Small/medium or Medium/large; Choose right or left hand One Universal Size; Fits right or left hand X-small, Small, Medium, Large; Choose right or left hand
Care Hand or machine washable Hand or machine washable Cold water wash, air dry   Hand wash, air dry


3pp® Wrist POP Splint

3pp wrist pop splint








3pp® Carpal Lift™ Splint

3pp carpal lift wrist splint


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