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3pp® Wrist POP Splint

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3pp Wrist POP Splint for TFCC injuries 3pp Wrist POP Splint for TFCC injuries 3pp Wrist POP Splint for TFCC injuries 3pp Wrist POP Splint for TFCC injuries

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The 3pp® Wrist POP™ Splint (Point oPressure) Splint applies adjustable compression over the distal ulna and a counterpoint of pressure under the distal radius for stability and effective treatment of triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injuriesulnar-sided wrist pain, and distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) instability.

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Product Features

  • Realigns and stabilizes the DRUJ to reduce painful symptoms of TFCC injuries, DRUJ pain or ulnar-sided wrist pain
  • Foam-lined base sleeve will not slip or roll and allows the corrective strap to be attached wherever it's needed
  • The corrective strap and pressure pads allow the user to position force across the distal ulna and radius to restore stability for pain-free supination / pronation and wrist motion
  • Two 1/8" thick and two 1/4" thick pressure pads allow the user to choose the combination of pads needed for pain relief
  • The Design Line cover helps prevent hook closures from catching on clothing
  • Machine washable; Latex free

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