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3pp ThumSling NP
3pp ThumSling NP - Includes a 2
3pp ThumSling NP - Flexible design lets you apply the strap as needed for optimal support
3pp ThumSling NP

3pp® ThumSling® NP

The 3pp® ThumSling® NP thumb brace is fully lined in a cushioned foam that helps protect and control thumb motion for increased comfort. The ThumSling NP adds an extra level of support to help reduce pain from arthritis or tendinitis. The open thumb design eliminates constriction and allows unlimited hand function for continued performance of daily activities with less pain.

Includes a flexible stay that can be added to provide additional support as needed.


  • Tendinitis
  • Thumb Arthritis
  • CMC Thumb Arthritis

Healthcare Professionals

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Product Features

  • Contoured strap provides support and compression at the CMC joint to reduce pain
  • Hook closures engage anywhere on the splint for optimal fit and adjustability
  • Resilient, breathable material contours to the hand for a non-bulky support that can be worn all day or night
  • A removable stay allows the wearer to increase the level of support for additional control when needed
  • Hand or machine washable

*No natural rubber latex was used in this product or packaging.  

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