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3pp® Toe Loops®

The easy-to-apply loop and wrap design of the 3pp® Toe Loops® makes them the ideal choice to manage hammertoes, claw toes, overlapping toes and non-displaced fractures. The soft foam lining cushions and gently grips the toes to relieve pain from calluses or corns and makes it easy to realign overlapping toes.

Two sizes, narrow and wide accommodate the small and large toe. 


  • Hammertoes
  • Overlapping Toes
  • Foot/Toe Injury

Healthcare Professionals

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Product Features

  • Loop-and-wrap design secures two or more toes together to stabilize fractures, straighten and cushion hammertoes and claw toes, and realign overlapping toes
  • Fully adjustable and ideal following surgery and to help maintain alignment
  • Soft, non-slip foam distributes pressure without adding bulk and the loops can easily be worn under socks and in most shoes
  • Available in two widths: wide fits the great toe and narrow fits the smaller toes; can be trimmed for a custom fit
  • Hand washable 

*No natural rubber latex was used in this product or packaging.  

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