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Gel Mate
Gel Mate Silicone Gel Sheeting
Gel Mate Silicone Gel Sheeting
Gel Mate Silicone Gel Sheeting

Gel Mate® Silicone Gel Sheet

Gel Mate® is a medical grade silicone gel sheet for scar management. Our Smooth Beige sheets are self-adherent on one side and backed by a silky anti-microbial cloth on the top side. NEW CLEAR Gel Mate is the same high grade medical grade gel with a translucent film cover. Gel Mate helps flatten and soften raised scars and may prevent formation of hypertrophic (thickened) or Keloid scars. 


  • Scar Care

Healthcare Professionals

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Product Features

  • Medical grade silicone sheets contain high quality mineral oil for optimal hydration to help soften and flatten healing scars
  • 2mm thick gel sheets form a superior cushioned layer over the scar to apply long-term gentle pressure on scars and surrounding skin that helps in increasing mobility and faster healing
  • The silky SMOOTH BEIGE Gel Mate features an anti-microbial fabric covering that makes it ideal to wear under clothing
  • The NEW CLEAR Gel Mate keep keeps the scar visible and makes it more adaptable when worn on conspicuous areas of the body
  • Washable, reusable and long lasting with proper care
  • Sheets are 4” x  6” (10 cm x 15 cm) and are available as single sheets or packages of 5 sheets. Trim to size

*No natural rubber latex was used in this product or packaging.