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Prevention and Treatment of Adherent Scars

Prevention and Treatment of Adherent Scars

Scarring is a normal response to soft tissue injury in which fibrous collagen tissue replaces pre-injury skin and surrounding tissue. Scar tissue begins as weak crosslinks across a wound, but remodels and strengthens especially with tension from neighboring skin.  At times the scarring process is uneventful, but scarring can also work like a type of glue causing adherence of structures under the superficial scar that results in pain, functional concerns, and movement limitations in addition to the classic cosmetic involvement. Scarring on a smaller, more complex body part such as the hand is often problematic, especially when left untreated.

Scar Care Treatment

A search of possible scar care treatment options can often seem like a tiring task and an expensive investment; however, one well-liked and user-friendly scar treatment option is a silicone gel sheet. Silicone gel products are believed to work through providing hydration and by giving pressure to the skin to increase temperature and decrease oxygenation with intentions of softening and elongation of the scar tissue.

Self-adherent silicone gel sheets come in many styles and thicknesses and no one type has been found to be more effective than others. Self-adherent gel sheets, especially those with fabric covers, can easily be worn under clothing and on mobile joints without interfering in normal daily routines. Thinner sheeting works well on small parts or across joints. For very active patients, adding self-adherent wraps to hold the sheeting in place is helpful or consider having the patient use the sheeting during sleeping hours only.

Silicone Gel Sheets

Silicone gel sheets have been found effective in clinical trials. In one randomized controlled trial involving 45 people with hypertrophic (thick, adhered) scars, individuals who were using a silicone gel product were found to have significantly less thickness, pain, and itchiness, and increased pliability of theirs scars in comparison to the control groups. In fact, according to a review of the evidence on current scar care, the silicone gel sheet was described as one of the only treatment interventions for scar management with enough positive outcomes in research studies to allow evidence based recommendations for use.

Gel Mate ® silicone gel sheet is designed to help meet your scar care needs. Smooth Beige sheets are self-adherent on one side and backed by a silky anti-microbial cloth on the top side. NEW CLEAR Gel Mate is the same high grade medical grade gel with a translucent film cover. Gel Mate helps flatten and soften raised scars and may prevent formation of hypertrophic (thickened) or Keloid scars. 

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