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CMCcare Thumb Brace

by BASKO Healthcare 

CMCcare Thumb Brace for basal joint arthritis pain

CMCcare Thumb Brace for thumb arthritis pain CMCcare Thumb Brace for thumb arthrititis pain CMCcare Thumb Brace for thumb arthritis pain

NEW! The CMCcare Thumb Brace by Basko Healthcare contours around the first metacarpal to stabilize the CMC joint for pain-free motion. Ideal for treating swan neck deformities of the thumb, the CMCcare restores proper alignment of the thumb for improved function. Carefully designed to avoid pressure in the web space, and smooth rounded edges are softly flared for comfort.

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CMCcare Thumb Brace

Product Features

    • Careful design eliminates pressure in the web space and leaves the ulnar border of the hand free for function
    • The adjustable embedded stay reduces translation of the first metacarpal on the trapezium to restore aligment and reduce pain
    • Replaceable strap is adjustable at both ends allowing the user to determine the proper fit for stability and all-day comfort
    • Durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is heat, stain and abrasion resistant, can be worn in water and is ideal for all levels of activity
    • Includes two closures tabs and a replacement strap; additionals straps available
    • Hand or machine wash; Latex-free