CMCcare Thumb Brace: Videos for Health Care Professionals

Posted by Julie Belkin on Mon, May 14,2018 @ 02:22 PM

The CMCcare Thumb Brace by Basko Healthcare contours around the first metacarpal to stabilize the CMC joint and restore proper alignment of the thumb for improved function and pain-free motion. The careful design eliminates pressure in the web space and leaves the ulnar border of the hand free for function. 

Features of the CMCcare include:

  • An adjustable embedded stay that stabilizes the base of the first metacarpal on the trapezium to restore alignment and reduce pain
  • Replaceable straps that are adjustable at both ends allowing the patient to determine the proper fit for stability and all-day comfort

The careful design of the CMCcare Thumb Brace eliminates the need to make any significant adjustments; however, the brace can be adjusted using a high temperature spot heat gun if necessary.

To learn more about fitting, padding and replacing the strap on the CMCcare Thumb Brace, take a look at these short videos with step by step instructions.

Watch Our Videos

How To Fit and Customize the CMCcare



How to Pad the Inside of the CMCcare



 How to Heat the CMCcare for a Custom Fit



How to Replace the Strap of the CMCcare


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