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Treating CMC Joint Arthritis - Collapse Deformities of the Thumb

Treating CMC Joint Arthritis - Collapse Deformities of the Thumb

Collapse deformities of the thumb are all too common in the presence of CMC joint arthritis. The Nalebuff Type III or “intrinsic minus” thumb deformity evidenced by CMC flexion, MP extension or hyperextension and IP flexion is the most common deformity.

This becomes a highly dysfunctional posture over time due to the loss of MCP flexion, web space shortening and thenar muscle atrophy - making moving the thumb away from the palm all but impossible.

CMC - labeled hand-673105-edited.jpg

A targeted stretching and strengthening program and the use of a thumb orthosis designed to support and stabilize the CMC are key to maintaining function and to hopefully preventing, a permanent swan neck posture.

Using the CMCcare Thumb Brace early on to align and stabilize the CMC joint may be the best option to stave off the collapse of the distal joints and maintain function.  

cmccare thumb brace

Molded out of a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material, the CMCcare Thumb Brace conforms around the CMC to reduce the translation into flexion thereby redirecting the forces on the MP and IP to restore proper alignment of the ligaments acting on these joints. 

The CMCcare Thumb Brace is carefully designed to leave the ulnar border of the hand unobstructed and is trimmed below the head of the 2nd metacarpal joint to alleviate pressure on the joint during pinch and grip activities. The brace features smooth, rounded edges that are gently flared to prevent pressure on prominent bones.  

 Flared below the 1st and 2nd MP.jpg

A moldable stay allows contouring the brace around the thenar eminence and first metacarpal to reduce translation at the CMC and allow unrestricted function.

CMCcare thumb brace for cmc thumb arthritis

The removable and replaceable strap extends the longevity of the brace and the durable TPU material resists abrasion and stains and can be expected to last several years under normal wear.

CMCcare Thumb Brace for CMC Joint Arthritis

The meticulous design of the CMCcare Thumb Brace eliminates the need to make any significant adjustments; however, the brace can be adjusted using a high temperature spot heat gun if necessary.

The CMCcare Thumb Brace is waterproof and heat resistant.  The brace comes with a 3pp Cozy Liner, a closure tab and an extra replacement strap; additional straps available.

cmccare thumb brace for basal joint arthritis

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