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Fix Comfort Wrist Brace

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Every detail of this brace creates a new level of wrist protection. Intelligent design and materials combine to create a new level of bracing for management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist instability, ulnar impact, post-op use and following cast removal.

The exceptional Fix Comfort Wrist Brace features an adjustable contoured palmar, a unique strapping system that creates a custom fit without impeding thumb or finger motion and tri-layer foam and velour material that fully cushions the brace without adding bulk. Easy to wear brace for optimal patient compliance.

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Product Features

    • A tri-layer of pressure absorbent foam and soft velour material makes this brace easy to wear to reduce symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ligament injuries or wrist instability and post-op or following cast removal
    • A thin, lightweight interior frame can easily be contoured around the hand and arm for an optimal fit
    • Soft velour edges contour to the hand with wear and won’t impinge in the web for superior comfort during daily tasks
    • Breathable fabric and large perforations help keep skin dry, making this easy to wear all day and/or all night
    • Washable, breathable and 100% latex-free
    • Minimize stocking with two sizes that fit both right and left hands

Size Information

Fix Comfort Wrist Brace: P3020-23, Universal, Sm/Med

Fix Comfort Wrist Brace: P3020-34, Universal, Med/Lrg

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