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3-Point Products offers comfortable and functional thumb splints and braces with varying levels of control. Clinically designed to provide the right solutions for your patients for thumb arthritis, ligament injury, tendonitis, post-op and more

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3pp Prima Thumb Brace
Fully adjustable, non-slip strapping system, memory-stretch material, and a removable dorsal stay

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fix comfort thumb brace for thumb arthritis Fix Comfort Thumb Brace
Provides firm, customizable thumb support without limiting finger or thumb IP motion for CMC or MP Arthritis, Gamekeeper's or Skier's Thumb 

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CMCcare Thumb Brace
Durable long-lasting thumb brace is carefully molded to stabilize the CMC (basal)joint with an adjustable embedded stay and replacement straps

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EZ FIT ThumSpica Splint for dequervains 3pp® Ez FIT™ ThumSpica™ Splint
Exceptional comfort in an easy-to-fit thumb extension splint, promotes healing for de Quervain’s, Skier's and Gamekeepers Thumb, and Ligament Injuries

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3pp ThumSling for cmc thumb arthritis 3pp ThumSling
Soft thumb splint relieves pain at the CMC (basal) joint of the thumb caused by arthritis or ligament injury

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3pp ThumSaver MP
Hand-based splint protects the thumb without limiting wrist motion or function. Use for gamekeeper's or skier's thumb and CMC arthritis

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3pp ThumSling NP for cmc basal joint arthritis 3pp ThumSling NP 
Reduce pain from CMC (basal) joint arthritis with this splint. Ideal to reduce pain when pinching and gripping

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ThumSaver CMC Short
Lightweight splint stabilizes the wrist and thumb to reduce the pain of arthritis, tendinitis or ligament injury
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3pp Design Line Thumb Splint
Designed to support the CMC joint for relief of the grinding pain of CMC joint arthritis with an adjustable thumb strap and removable stay
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