How to Treat a Mallet Finger with an Oval-8: Video Blog

Posted by Karen Colony on Thu, Sep 13,2012 @ 09:23 AM

Oval-8 Finger Splint's treat a variety of finger conditions, including the most common finger injury - mallet finger. The Oval-8s will hold the DIP straight or if needed, they can be adjusted using a Digital Heat Gun to hold the DIP in slight hyperextension. The open design keeps the skin clean and dry and generally no tape or strapping is needed to hold them in place. The wearer can shower or wash their hands with the Oval-8 on without having to replace straps or tape. This leads to better compliance and better treatment results.

This video details how to use an Oval-8 to treat a mallet finger and also explains how to use silicone gel sheeting as a cushion if the wearer cannot tolerate the pressure on the dorsum (top) of the DIP joint. 

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