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Jersey Finger: Treatment For a Common Contact Sport Injury

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Night Time Orthosis Use

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Comparison of Braces for Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis

Orthoses to Treat PIP Joint Contractures

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Addressing Wounds from a Snow Blower Injury

Using a Finger Splint For the Treatment of Trigger Finger

Wrist Pain after a Fall on an Outstretched Hand (FOOSH)

How to Treat Gamekeeper's Thumb or Skier's Thumb

Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain: Midcarpal Instability

3 Hand Splints For Ulnar Deviation

How to Manage a Thumb Deformity from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Oval-8 Finger Splints – We’ve Made the Best Even Better!

The 3pp Carpal Lift and 3pp Wrist POP Splint for TFCC Injuries

DIP Joint Osteoarthritis: How to Treat this Common Form of Arthritis

PT & OT Treatment for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Hypermobile Type

CMCcare Thumb Brace: Videos for Health Care Professionals

Orthotic Management Of The Distal Radioulnar Joint (DRUJ)

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Distal Radius Wrist Fractures: Tips for Rehabilitation

Comfort Cool or Design Line- A Comparison of Thumb Arthritis Splints

The Osteoarthritic Thumb - Zigzag Deformity

Treating CMC Joint Arthritis - Collapse Deformities of the Thumb

Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain: Comparison of 4 Splints

Splint Immobilization For Treatment of a Scapholunate Ligament Injury

Medial Epicondylitis - Diagnosis & Treatment

Treating Inflammation In Your Patients’ Hands

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery - Endoscopic vs Mini Open

Assessing Ulnar Carpal Instability

A Glimpse Into the Philadelphia Hand Conference 2017

How to Use the Oval-8 Sizing Set to Size Your Patients

Using Low Level Lasers for Hand Therapy Treatments

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Adjusting Oval-8 Splints: A Video Guide for Health Care Providers

How To Diagnose and Treat Limited Range of Motion in Fingers

Conservative Treatment of Scapholunate Ligament Injury

What I Gained From This Year’s ASHT Annual Meeting

Scaphoid Fractures - Treatment and Rehabilitation

3-Point Products Exhibits at the 39th ASHT Annual Meeting

Scar Massage Following Hand Surgery

Mallet Finger - What's new in clinical protocol?

Summertime and Raynaud's Phenomenon

April is National Occupational Therapy Month!

What's New at 3-Point Products

What’s New with an Old Diagnosis? Exercises for TMC Arthritis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What Do the Lumbricals Have to Do With It?

Skier’s Thumb: A Hazard of Hitting the Slopes

Thumb Deformity: Treating Thenar Wasting With a Splint

New Look For Oh My Arthritis

Announcing an Improved Design for the 3pp Side Step Splint

TMC Arthrosis - What's the Best Splint To Treat the Symptoms?

Prevention and Treatment of Adherent Scars

Treatment for Mallet Finger

Splinting Options for Treating a Mallet Finger

Treating Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Hypermobility

Using a 3pp Toe Loop to Treat a Jammed or Broken Toe

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3-Point Products sponsors TSHT 20th Annual Education Conference

Treating Trigger Thumb with an Oval-8 Finger Splint

3-Point Products Joins the IFSHT

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3-Point Products Founder, Julie Belkin, Profiled on

3-Point Products Founder Discusses Arthritis Products on Television

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